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Default Re: I'm fine, thank you.

Good. So, I'm not going crazy. (Or crazier)

I was just shocked because my student's teacher told her that people won't understand her in Canada if she says, "I'm great."

I'm hoping and what I told my student was that it must have been a communication problem. Probably, the teacher was teaching I'm fine, thank you. and wanted my student to say it that way for the lesson.

In Japan, ther is a push to get away from the "I'm fine thank you" and some teachers (native speakers) are teaching:
I'm hungry.
I'm sleepy.
I'm tired.

What are your thoughts on that? I don't work with these teachers but the Japanese teachers who have taught with them. I tell other teachers (Japanese) that we don't usually complain or whine in greetings. It sounds very unnatural to me. I tell them we're not really asking about right now. It's more of a overall question. Complaining out right just seems too much to me for a greeting (among close friends/family maybe.)

If they want to complain I tell them to greet first, and complain/explain later.

Nat bad. I'm a little sleepy.
Pretty good, but I had a rough night and I'm tired today.
Not so good. I think I failed my test.

Jumping around now: doesn't "I'm fine" sound like they're not fine? To me when I hear it, it sounds more like I shouldn't have asked. Sorry to have bothered you with my hello.
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