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Default Re: looking for a game of 'comparative and superlative" grammar

I have a group of private students between 8 and 13.
I get them to think of super heroes and heroins and their superpowers... after brainstorming, the kids DRAW their own superhero surrounded by 4 circles. (Super Stickman is modelled on the w/b) in each circle there are words and/or pix which describe their own hero's powers.
This leads to guided writing of what the hero can do and a few adj. to describe the hero.
Stage 3 is speaking - modelled by the teacher with one student first.
this could also be done as a pyramid activity in a larger class.
finally feedback to find out the most powerful, the tallest etc.
T-ss questions : "Emilia, who did you talk to? Is your hero stronger or weaker than Paulo's hero?"
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