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Default Re: My Worst Lesson - Any Advice

Hi Whistleblower,

Having students of different levels in the class is my worst nightmare. I try to avoid it whenever possible. In my school it never happens, but sometimes external courses are like this. In a larger group it's not so much of a problem because you put the weaker students together, but with just two - ouch!

In your case I would have given them different tasks to do. A composition is not a bad idea as you can monitor both easily enough and they are working individually. You can even get the stronger student to then correct any mistakes in the weaker's work. A communication activity between the two isn't such a good idea for the very reasons you mentioned - one is dissatisfied and the other a little ashamed.

You could do a reading exercise as this can be graded too. I have copies of 'Speak up' which have articles of different levels - perfect for situations like this.

Basically anything where the lesson doesn't depend on them working too closely together. I know it's against the basic principles of classroom interaction and communication but in this case you need to do something to avoid the bitterness you described.

Hope that helps.
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