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Default Re: My Worst Lesson - Any Advice

I would probably make the advanced student the supervised teacher. There are loads to be learned through teaching and actually having to explain. It's one thing to understand for yourself and be able to do something but if you can teach it to someone else, you truely know it.

That won't work for 60 minutes every class, but if it's just a one time thing then I think it would actually be good.

It sounds like your more advanced student is a little selfish. I'm sure there was a lot to be learned there but A just couldn't see it.

Aside: For kids, it's great to mix older kids with younger kids and let the older kids try to teach something to the younger students. They have to explain different aspects of the language, field questions, and deal with problems. They also learn a little about our job and how it's not so easy to get people to 'get it.'
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