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Default Re: My Worst Lesson - Any Advice

I'm quite late with a response here, but my advice would be to pick up and move on. Bad classes do happen to the best teachers, and what's important is your ability to bounce back and teach well for the next one.

It's hard when you've got someone in the class that doesn't understand, but you cannot slow all of the others down just for that one student. I'd say that the best thing is to move on as scheduled and make up the time with the slower student later after class. Some classes are on very tight schedules and if that's the case, then you've gotta stick to it. If yours is pretty flexible, then spending a little bit more time in class with that slower student could be allowed. As I've always thought and as others have mentioned, it's a nice change for some of the students to take a turn at being the teacher and trying their best to make that student understand. As Mesmark says, once you can teach it, you truly know it.
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