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Default Gettin to Know Me

1. If you could teach ESL anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Finland. I have this idea that it is full of pristine birch forests and cold, dark blue lakes. Probably enough people to warrant an English teacher, right?

2. What's your favorite drink between classes?
Chai tea from my new thermos, but I wish I could spike it with Frangelico.

3. Funniest/Worst ESL classroom moment?
As I left a low-level class the other day, a small, cute 10 year old boy who usually has difficulty making sentences waved and said in his angelic voice "Bye Teacher, GO TO HELL". Highlight of my day.

4. How do you usually spend your day(s) off?
Lazily hopping from one unfinished project to another til I realize night has fallen and I haven't been outside yet.

5. If Hollywood were making a movie about you, who would play you?
Lisa Kudrow? No, probably Dianne Wiest.
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