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Default Re: Phonics games?

I am teaching grade 1 in China. My phonics game is:

Once the Ss. have learned the sounds of the alphabet I play - beat the teacher. I do have a TA who records score on board, but you could choose the strongest student who does not need the review to record the scores.
I work systematically up and down the rows - 32 Ss.

Mark on board T S grid. (as soon as I put this on board students cheer)
I hold the alphabet cards. The Ss. can't see them.
Choose card and say sound.
First S. has to say the corresponding letter quickly or I move to next S.
If the student is correct - I say 'student' for my TA to award them a star on board, under Student heading.
When S. gets correct answer I show the whole class my alphabet letter card, to reinforce learning.
I usually get around the classroom twice.
I play this game everyday. The students at this point are beating the teacher which of course is good for them and good for me.
This game can be played for any review material e.g. rooms in a house, occupations etc.
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