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I'm a little confused by this reply...

Did you just teach Phonics for one class? Was it like a Phonics sampler lesson?
I'm an ALT, so I don't go to every single English class. Originally, I thought that I'd be present for more of the phonics classes, but as it turned out, I was only there for a couple. Our English books only teach phonics to the first year JHS Ss, so once the phonics unit was over, we didn't really cover it any more. I won't be doing any phonics units again until the start of the next school year in April or May, but I was under the impression that the unit would be longer when I originally posted. I appreciate everyone's replies, and I'm still interested in phonics activities because I might be able to throw in a review activity here or there, but I won't be able to give any feedback on the games until I'm able to use them again.

Anyway, thanks everyone for all your help.

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