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Default Re: Getting To Know You

1. I like teaching in Greece. It's a country with a lot of light, even in winter.And the sea is fantastic: crystal clear, you can see your toes,splendid colours, no sharks, and in the Saronic Gulf, near Athens, usually no waves.
2. I drink nettle tea from my thermos. It's supposed to clean your blood and it's easier to drink than plain water which I should be drinking plenty of.
3. It was about 5 years ago. I used to teach in a public primary school which was located quite far from the village and pupils were brought by bus every morning and taken back home as well. The first class ended their programm one hour too soon on one of the days and had to wait for the bus. Since they didn't have enough teaching hours to give me, I was only supposed to teach grades 4 -6, I was asked to keep those first graders company once a week, when there was this problem. Since I believe in doing something with time, not wasting it, I started playing little games with them, teaching them songs accompanied by my guitar and so on. We were getting along fine. One of the little boys came to my desk after "class" one day and proudly announced in Greek, obviously trying to impress me."Mrs, I know English?" "Yes?" I said and smiled encouragingly.
f+++ you" he recited bursting with pride for knowing so much.
4. My daughter has left to study Art in another city so I have stopped being a full time mum and am adjusting to having time for myself and trying to remember who I used to be before becoming a mum. So I read, I am learning how to use the net, I prepare my lessons(lately I spend a lot of time doing that, keeps my students and me happy), I play the piano, learn new songs to teach my students accompanied by my guitar, go hiking on the mountain I see from my balcony together with my dog Daphne, see my friends. I'd like to go dancing but I am too lazy and for the time being to poor to join a dancing school.
5.This is a hard one. Judy Foster, maybe?
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