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Default New Game Idea- Two truths and a lie

Hi Everyone-
I'm really enjoying this website, there are so many useful resources! While I was teaching recently I decided to play a game with my students called two truths and a lie, and the students were laughing it up. Here's how to play: 1) Ask each student to think of two truths and a lie and not to share it with their classmates, Ex.... I have four dogs, I spent four days on a snowmachine traversing the Arctic Circle, I was born in Western Europe, (allow the students to be as creative, simplistic, or complex as they want when thinking about these three things) insist that one of the three items has to be a lie. 2) Teacher verbalizes example he/she has made up to the students and the students have to guess which one is a lie.
3) When ready, the teacher chooses a student and they tell class their two truths and a lie( without revealing which are the truths and which is the lie)and the rest of the students have to guess which one is the lie, when they've each had a guess, the teacher reveals which one is the lie. Then repeat with each student until evryone has had a turn, guesses from their classmates, and lastly the correct answer disclosed by the teacher.
You may want to keep in mind that this can be time consuming but it really is a lot of fun.
Enjoy!! Keep on teaching!! - Jenna
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