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1. If you could teach ESL anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Prague - beautiful city and I could bum around Europe on the weekends.
2. What's your favorite drink between classes?
Java Chip Frapaccino no whip twice blended - and tons of water before & after
3. Funniest/Worst ESL classroom moment?
Yesterday my am class had a reading on Buckingam Palace and Queen Elizabeth. In the midst of pre-reading discussion I asked my students where Buckingham Palace was located. One of my brightest students looked at me and with the tone of a teenager expressing how stupid she thought I was for even asking, she replied, "It's in Buckingham, of course."
4. How do you usually spend your day(s) off?
taking morning walks at the beach, writing, reading & planning future vacations
5. If Hollywood were making a movie about you, who would play you?
OMG - I have no idea...but I've got a long list of who could play my love interest...
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