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Default Re: Would you apologize to your students?

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I think admitting mistakes show maturity. Nobody is perfect. The only difference between the teacher and student is the teacher already know the information being taught. However, both parties are still human, which makes them fallible.
I totally agree Patrick and I wish the students and the society in general could understand that.
Parents, students and everyone else still consider the teacher to be a kind of perfect person. A preacher of nothing else but the truth. They learn not only what we teach them but copy our ways. We are models, aren't we?

The only other situation in life where I see the same treatment is when a surgeon is coming out of the operation room after a surgery. How many of us expect the doctor could have lost the patient? We all think he succeeded, don't we? I often pity doctors when they say "We did everything we could to....."

Apologize...great! it earns respect. Once is ok, twice, m m, thrice: confused: more than thrice you've lost CONFIDENCE - the only thing that links your students to you; and just like in hospitals they will try the next doctor.

Mersmark seems to have a better option. Yet it covers just those areas where we are in doubt whether the information is correct or not. It doesn't cover what we think is correct whereas it's wrong. And if you become that teacher who is always saying "I am not sure guys, I will check and tell you tomorrow." Your respect is gone still.
Poor me!
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