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Quote i2i
sighisoara, you have done your homework!

Now i have a few questions. What's involved in getting an EU passport? That sounds pretty tough! What (in USD) can you expect to make in eastern Europe. I have heard its beautiful and a great place to teach, is the low pay the deterrant?

Thanks for the info on the UAE!

i2i - glad I could help. In general, pay in most countries is enough to live comforably in that country & leave you w/ a little extra to visit other parts of that country. If you have a car payment, mortgage payment, or anything else major that you cannot defer (like student loans) than your best bet is to look at the top paying countries: Saudi Arabia (only for men - it's not worth the hassle as a woman); UAE (safe for women & contracts can start at approx. $35,000.oo a year plus housing, transportation, medical, vacation pay, & allowances for shipping, materials, & if you have family, and visa); Japan (w/ a lot of opportunities for private tutoring outside of class - great way to make extra $).

Working in Canada or the US is funky because the requirements vary from school to school and so does the pay. Privates schools can either pay really good or really crappy. Adult Ed programs through school districts is good pay, but there is no job security in the sense that these programs rely on how many immigrants are in the area & hours are limited in many districts & no benefits - unless f/t which is rare. Community Colleges are also good pay w/ benefits but are tough to get - you have to be in the door as a p/t teacher first to even have a chance. University positions are the big $$, but a total bitch to get & in most cases you need a PhD in Linguistics or something similar.

If you really want a shot at Europe, but you're concernced with $ - my suggestion is to look for a school that hires just for the summer. You'll get the experience that looks great on your cv, you only risk 2-3 months for your bills - you can make that work, you get lots of weekend opps to see the sights, and you might be offered a longer position w/ better pay or w/ admin. which ='s more $.

Gosh, that was long, but I hope it helps.

edited to add: you can't get a EU passport - you have to have been born in one the EU countries or perhaps married & gained citizenship to that EU country. Most schools will post if this is a requirement & you can e-mail to inquire if they make exceptions.
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