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Default Re: Online TEFL Courses???

I did an on-line TEFL certificate course and I found it fantastic. Of course you don't get the classroom experience, but you go into it knowing that that is the case, and that one day you will have to face that first class somehow somewhere. But the theory and grammar were taught pretty thoroughly. I have always had an interest in language and languages, so I found the grammar modules easy, but my husband is currently doing the same course, and is finding it fascinating, useful, and not too easy. The course I did provided a DVD/download of a good teacher/bad teacher class (same teacher in both.) This was my first and admittedly only view of classroom technique until I applied for my first teaching job. [Actually no, come to think of it: I was allowed to sit in on an ESL class before I left my country to come here - which I asked to do in order to see how a class works.] But it was pretty good anyway. Knowing that no matter how bad you are you can't be that bad is good for one's confidence. The first school I applied for took me on knowing I had had no classroom experience. They also provided a DVD of how they expect, or suggest, their classes be taught. And everyone gains in confidence and skills as they go on, anyway. Don't tell me the rest of you weren't nervous in front of your first real class.
An on-line course is a great opportunity for people who want to study while already working. As I say, we know their limitations, but there are ways to compensate for that. Provided schools are prepared to take us on with only a TEFL certificate (as plenty are!), then after 3 or 4 lessons you've had that classroom experience anyway. Yes, it may be a bit unfair on the kids who sit through your first lesson, but the first day on any job is like that, training or no.
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