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Question Bingo Worksheets

Hi Eric,
I had more time today so I went through the lengthy process of making 25 Food Bingo sheets for my students (Well, I may have between 18 and 15, so I thought I may as well do them all). I got a bit messed up at first on how to save them - luckily I saved them all in PDF on the last stage. But then I noticed what was wrong - I can only share one single bingo worksheet on the web and not the 25 I made (which would make much more sense), since who wants to share one single bingo sheet - there's no thrill for the students!
Then I looked up other bingo sheets made by other teachers and BINGO it was the same - just one single sheet. Admitting all options would perhaps take up too much webspace, I thought that opening the worksheet would allow you the 'shuffle' option to make all the different cards - but there is no such option.
Perhaps you could includethe 'shuffle' option for other people's bingo cards. Otherwise, we'd be back to making the same worksheets all over again - no point really, don't you think?
Anyway, my bingo looks great. I'll send more flashcard suggestions when I have time. Have you noticed the increase in worksheets? The more flashcards, the more possibilities - I had a few problems in my 'going out' worksheet, but in the end I managed.
A great website!