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Smile Re: What flash cards do you want?

Hi, Eric. I see you've been working hard and my list to Santa is almost accomplished.
Here go some other suggestions:
- housework
- 'have just done' action flashcards
- comparatives and superlatives
- more imperatives and instructions
- materials
- 'going to' pictures
- adverbs
- emergencies, catastrophes, environment
- subjects and school vocabulary (places, people, etc)
- in 'actions': detailed daily routine verbs
- the menus are OK , but you could have pictures of meals (with different dishes, etc)
- advice
- places to go out
- signs to practise modal verbs
- shop signs or advertisements (for 'buying' role plays - food, stationery, clothes, tickets, etc - with prices)
I hope this is useful - it certainly would be for me.
Best regards - Great site!
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