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Default Re: What flash cards do you want?

Hi Eric,
A list of places to go out could be:
go to the cinema, go on a picnic, see a football match, go to the beach, go clubbing, go to the theatre, go to the circus/the zoo, go jogging in the park, go to a concert, eat in a restaurant, play tennis, go shopping, go on a trip, go riding/skiing, go for a walk in the park, listen to music , go to an amusement park, meet your friends, go to a party....... etc.
As for getting the images from clipart: I have done so for certain topics, but doing it individually is terribly time-consuming. Besides, they aren't designed from a linguistic point of view - It would be hard to get a set to visualize 'have just done' or 'is going to do' in the same way language books do.
Anyway, it was just a suggestion - I did not want to bother anyone. I also think more variety would increase the options of worksheets - which did happen last time!
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