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Default Re: Have you ever been embarrassed while teaching?

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Years back, I was a substitute teacher in one the schools not far from my house. The students in my class were rather naughty and they usually would not obey my instructions. I kept telling them no eating in class during lessons and if you want to drink, just go outside. One day, after recess, I was quite in a bit of hurry that I forgot to spit out a sweet which I chewed it in my mouth. I didn't realized that the sweet was still in my mouth that I spitted out during my lesson. I became a laughing stock and a few found it disgusting! I was so embarrased of the incident. Since that day, when I walked past them, they would whispered to each other and giggled. It lasted until a few months.
Teachers always getting caught in their own rules. The problem is, the people we teach look on us to be some kind of models.

Whoops! Today I spent like 5minutes trying to spell the words "Ryhme" and "Rythme" It was just ridiculous. Oops, I still got them wrong. Rhyme and Rythm. Jeez!

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