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Default Re: Have you ever been embarrassed while teaching?

Cleavage, buttonholes too big for buttons. It started off at the bus stop, I wondered why this young man kept starring and smiling, now I think it was a smirk. It was hot so I kept leaning on things throwing my arms in the air, just making the gap wider. Well after I realized it, got on the bus , he did wave goodbye I thought about it, I had on a nice bra and I have reasonable breasts and after that, mortified doesn't come into the equation. A button upopened but don't think I was that cool at the time I thought of suing Walmart for embarrasment. (briefly)
It happened again in class a student gestured to me. Respectuful, now I use safety pins
on all my button up the front shirts and use candlewax on the zippers of my pants, gives it more grip
I think if I was younger it would have but I think it is the way you carry it off these "embarassments" normalise it,brush over it and thank the student for pointing it out make a lesson plan out of it.
Spelling is wrong on the board, makes you human and makes the student feel clever .
Turn it to yours students advantage.
Ones I hate is when the bloody computer doesn't work and you waste time trying to get it right, now that's embarrasing
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