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Default Re: ESL Teacher Talk - An ESL Podcast

Hi Eric and Mark,

As many other ESL folks will agree, you are doing an excelllent job, ESL Teacker Talk is something unique that no other website is offering. That's why other ESL enthusiasts will support you. The biggest challenge with projects like yours is to build momentum to a critical point from where the venture will take off itself. So, what we can do is create a list of topics of interest that could be covered in upcoming shows. Also, you could invite guests onto your show, the entire thing could even develop into an ESL Internet Radio Channel.
As for potential interview topics, we/you could talk about ESL websites, how it all began with pioneers like Dave Sperling and what has become of them. How the internet is being used in ESL classrooms, the difference between ESL and EFL, the influence of US English vs. UK English on the ESL industry etc. There is an endless list of issues we can cover, we just have to collect all ideas and struture them.
What do you think?

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