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Default Some Games that have worked!

Make a worksheet titled "Find someone who..."
I had about 15 things such as
Favourite colour is Yellow
Has been to a beach
Has been fishing
Was born in December
Can sing a song in English
etc etc etc
The class then circulates with the worksheet correctly asking different students each item until they have a different name in each space.
I wrote the correct start to the questions on the board(just in case they needed help) ie Can you...Have you...was you....Is your
NOW of course ...they try to cheat, they copy others answers, guess answers, forget to ask in I then added a twist
After about 15 minutes of circulating I got the students to sit back down.
I then got one to stand up and say a classmates name and address one of the questions to them. If their classmate answers with an affirmative eg"Yes I have been to a beach" then the student who asked the question sits down and his classmate then takes over and asks another student a question. Sounds easy RIGHT ! but nearly all their answers are incorrect (because they've cut corners) when their classmate answers "No...I haven't been to the beach"..The student has to keep asking different classmates questions until he/she gets a correct answer. It causes much laughter and is is great for practicing asking questions correctly.
The other curve ball I threw in was...the worksheet contained a question "Find someone who......Doesn't like chocolate"
So when the students are standing up asking each other questions trying to get a they can sit down...It didn't take long for the students to catch on that they could quickly ask someone if they like chocolate...the other student would say NO and sit straight back down before realising they had been caught out.(find someone who doesn't like chocolate)
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