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Question Does anyone have experience starting language school?

I wasn't to sure where to put this thread.

I've been toying with the idea for some time of starting a small language school here in the USA. I tutor English and also teach some very basic Lao classes. (Very very basic) I really love teaching English and would like to make it more of a career than it is now. Something a little more formal.

To date I've been doing the library / bookstore cafe shuffle meeting students here and there but I'd like to possibly rent out a small office space set up as a learning center. I'd also like to have another tutor or two on hand to refer to when I am out of the country myself or already booked. I live in a very academic city with many international students so there isn't a real shortage of students. (For example, this week I've turned down 2 new students because I just don't have the time) Having one location would save me time driving place to place. I'd also like to have a network of other language teachers who could do classes. I have contacts who teach Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. The center would be a hub. Mind you, this is all on a very small scale. I'm not looking to be Berlitz.

I've been self employed for almost 8 years now so running a business isn't the issue. I just am not sure were to start with this idea.

Does anyone else do anything similar in the USA? I'd love to bounce ideas off someone.
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