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Default Re: First Day Activities for 5 year olds?

How long will your class be?
If I was in your situation, I would do headm shoulders, knees and toes, start off slow and get faster each time. Always a great warmer and the kids always enjoy it and get less nervous.

Then would just do something simple like "Whats your name" involving a ball. Demonstrate with your TA,drill the phrase, then pick a student, throw the ball to him/her and ask. Then he/she throw back and the student ask you. Since you have 30 students, maybe your TA (assuming you have 1) can assist you.
Then could have your students ask each other using balls.
Then could do a game in which the students sit in a circle and you say 2 names. Those students whose names were read out have to switch seats.

Can also do colours. Use flashcards to drill at first, then have them point to the same colour as the flashcard, then have students run to that colour (might be difficult with 30 students though)

Hope that helps a bit
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