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Smile Re: What Do Teachers Make?

Taylor Mali sure has a way with words. I think that sometimes we look at the wrong "figure or number" to evaluate our worth in this world. Most put a dollar sign on it; equating worth to the amount of money you have tucked under your mattress or adding to your account each month. Others look at physical possessions like cars, houses and gizmos.

How do you evaluate your worth?

For example...right now I am unemployed. Like so many people out there in this world right now, my presence in my field is not in demand (too many teachers...not enough seniority). ('dems the the words of my Dad.)

But do you think for one minute that I am moping around my house feeling sorry for myself and telling myself that I am not "making" a difference or contributing because I don't have a job.

Not for a minute. I am taking this time to give back, help others and in the process start my own business, slowly like a turtle. Sure, right now I am working 10 hours a day for 50 cents of online income (when I used to make much MUCH more per hour) but I'm helping others. I get emails from people telling me what a difference I am making. How much they appreciate what I am doing.

In the future...I will get back into the game and start making some money, but for now I'm quite find with "just" making a difference.

How are you making a difference? Look hard and you will realize that you are changing lives without even knowing it.

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