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Default Re: What is best way to teach unborn child? in Womb

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You are right! Earth is Flat and Earth is Center of Universe! and that grand inquisition was fair! and I needed to know someone like you can be so far off the base, that is good to know that still "Witches" exist in Salem and elsewhere! it is amazing that you are so "intelligent" who can not Google it! yet!!!
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1. Where has this research to date been published? What journal? What have been the findings?

2. Who is funding the current research your friend has undertaken? What are the goals of the study? What are the controls?

3. If indeed your friend is conducting research and has had success over a three year period, why are you asking us for ideas on how to do this? Shouldn't you be referring to the professional journal that has published the results so far? or even your friend?
In my opinion, these questions are quite valid.

Any reason you would rather be sarcastic instead of answering them?
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