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Default Integration Overseas. ..

Hey, all!

I'm new to the forum (I'll be posting an introduction, soon) but I wanted to ask about something that's really eating at me:

How do you go about integrating into your 'host cultures.'

I've lived in Germany for three years--I'm married to a wonderful German--and I speak the language fluently enough (I have an accent) but I don't feel integrated. Except for some families that I lived with when I was an exchange student. . . and some Germans that I lived with when I was a regular student here (2005) I don't have German friends.

It seems as though Germans have friends from school, university, and work. And everyone else is an 'acquaintance.' And, well. . . I always thought of myself as a bit of a loner, but I'd like to have a few friends here and I think it'd be stupid to have a circle of American friends in Germany. . . but that's all I have now!

What do you do? Anybody else have a similar problem?
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