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Default Re: Working Overseas...Has it changed you?

For me, I started to become more confident and outgoing with people.
In England, I would have been nervous to get up in front of 8 people in my class and give a speech for 5 minutes. Now, I have no problem getting up in front of 60 kids and singing heads, shoulders, knees and toes with them.

But like some of the earlier posters said, I've become a little more reserved in the past few months. I don't really like to be bothered on the street and hate being the center of attention when I step foot out the door.
I'm also a trial biker so I don't mind attention when I'm on the bike but I still don't like it when people drive by, gawking at me out the window before giving of some high toned "hello".

Maybe its the fact that I've been living in China now for 2 years without returning to England at all, but people staring at me, saying stupid sentences in English or asking me the same stupid questions all the time is beginning to get to me and now irritates me often.

But lets end on a positive. I've grown to like children and become more patient with them. I remember when I first started teaching, I didn't really like children and thought that teaching wasn't the job for me. But I gave it more time and tried harder and can now say its a job I enjoy.
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