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Default Re: Any ideas for Hotel English?

Hiya, I need a bit of help as well. I have been asked to do an English course for a hotel in France where I live. I don't actually teach english yet but they have specifically asked if I can do it as they want an english native!! Easier said than done when you aren't sure of what you're supposed to do. Basically, I know they want 25 hours of training, including general receptionnist tasks, emails, telephone calls, directions etc. Can anyone tell me the right way to make up a 25 hour lesson plan to present to them - what info do I need to put into it etc ie objectives, target language. I have just started a TEFL course as living in France, my english is a big bonus. However, I don't yet know how to organise a course plan and in what order to do things. Any help much appreciated.
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