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Exclamation Re: Classroom management (discipline)

I realise that this thread has been going on for a while but mob control is an ever present situation in the classroom (unfortunately). Iīve been teaching ESL to kids for almost 3 years and have had to deal with a lot but yesterday was the WORST. 17 1st graders. Each one of them a sweet person but as a whole they are a challenge. Yesterday they were a total mob and each activity (I try to keep them moving since they fidget when sitting down, falling off chairs etc.) ended in screaming and crying (those kids with sensitive ears). I made them sit down and fill in a worksheet. My last resort though not very productive in a conversation class.
One big mistake I made: I was not prepared, only had half-hearted ideas instead of having the whole lesson planned out.
The Silent Treatment: does NOT work with German students. Have tried it but they donīt care and will scream and run and just ignore me for as long as it takes.
What does work is addressing the child directly, face-to-face, quietly. But only for a short while and all around me hell is breaking loose ...
Thanks for letting me vent.
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