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Default Simple Writing Game

Maybe I didn't invent this game, but I refined the traditional 'sentence' game into a slightly fun activity for my slightly higher-level students.

We did a whole lesson on emails and what's appropriate when, and then set out to write an email. We agreed, together, on who we were writing to, why we were writing, and what the tone should be.

Then, we each took a sheet of paper (me, included) wrote the greeting at the top, and folded the greeting over backwards so that we couldn't see it. Then, we passed the papers in a circle, and everyone wrote the first line. . . then we folded and passed the paper and everyone wrote the second line. . .

At the end, we had some really funny emails, everyone laughed and I had a good place to start with a grammar lesson. (I corrected errors that happened in the emails, but it was nice because we could talk about them without anyone having to know who made the mistake, and nobody felt like they were being singled out.)

Anyone else use this? Something like it?
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