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Default Sport Themed Lesson

I have a lesson coming up tomorrow and I thought I would share this lesson that I have created over the evening. However, the following items are needed for the lesson;
  • Pictures from newspaper (sports section)
  • Names of sports (prepared prior to lesson)
  • Wordsearch puzzle
  • Cue cards with sports
a. Introduce the topic of sports through pictures (I suggest six pictures are enough) - 5 minutes.

b. Brainstorm on the whiteboard the different forms of sport and monitor/check pronunciation - 5 minutes.

c. Ask a group of 3 to 4 students up to the front of the class and hand them a cue card ("Boxing on a bed", "Playing snooker on a boat", etc). Try to come up with some really crazy ideas. The other students have to guess the action from the group miming the activity. Give one point to the group at the front of the class and one point to the correct group guessing the activity - 10/15 minutes.

d. Write up on the board 10 different sports but each of the words are jumbled up. The groups (3 to 4 students) have to unjumble the words and spell the sport correctly - 10 minutes.

e. Get students to mark another group's answers and announce the winning group (those that spelt the most correctly) - 5 minutes.

e. Handout the wordsearch puzzle to settle students prior to their breaktime - 5 minutes.
Please let me know what you think of this lesson. I have another lesson planned to complement this during the second period but shall add this later. Nonetheless, the reason why I like this lesson is because it requires minimal resources.
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