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Default Re: Good Investment ? -"Teacher Training DVD Series"

If your school is going to pay for the whole set, then I would not hesitate to get it. However, for an individual teacher this is a serious financial commitment.

I worked for IH and took a young learners training course through them. Part of the required observations included an IH training video with two different IH teachers teaching two different age groups.

The video was of decent technical quality and the teachers and students were real enough. The lesson / teaching content was excellent and my teaching improved from the single video, especially in relation to my staging and pacing of activities for vocabulary building and integrating all 4 skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) into the staging of a vocabulary lesson.

I am also seriously considering buying the DVD set, but 750pounds is a lot of money for a personal ELT video library, although I am sure it is worth the money.
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