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Default Why - Because

Any ideas for teaching Why - Because???

So far I have thought of the following ideas...

1. Download utube vids of various things and construct why and because around them.
a. Get the Ss to guess the feeling.
b. Get them to guess why from an ABC choice quiz.
c. Show the answer.

2. Go to sleep/wake up game and its many variations.

3. Imagination game.
In groups the Ss have to make up their own answers and then get a score based on how interesting or funny the are. For eg. Why are you late? Because...

4. Interview game.
Why do you like (season). Ss have to find and interview 4 students (one for each season) and then ask why they like that season.

5. Comparisons. Which do you like? A or B? Bring in cookies or chocolate etc. Students have to first guess which one certain teachers like and then we get to hear why they do or don't. Use an iphone to film the teachers saying... I like ---- because... Now let some students try and get the class to guess. Have those students say why in Japanese and get the better Ss to translate into English.

6. Why are you angry? Because I got married! True or false sentences quiz. Do they make sense?

7. Get students to ask Why Q's to YOU the AET (prepped on a sheet already). They must listen to your answers and write on a sheet in Japanese. JT will check comprehension. Why did you come to Japan? Why do you like this J talent? Why do you like food/TV show etc

8. Show pics of something strange and ask why it's like this. Get Ss to guess the reason why in Japanese. Write the answers on the board in English (with the help of Ss). Then give a print with the same pics for them to write the English.

9. Why do you want to be a doctor? Because I want to help sick people. Get Ss to write down their dream job and why. Jobs already need to have been taught for this to work.

Okay. these are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing. I'm sure I'm missing plenty, so please add whatever you can no matter how simple.
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