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Default Tough Question: Christmas Activities for Very Small People!

Hi there
I'm teaching at my sons' nursery, two groups of 8 ages 3 - 5. I am not an ESL teacher but have been doing quite well so far, the kids seem to like it, are definitely learning (so far I've done themes - colours, parts of the body). They are total beginners and the smallest ones barely even speak their native language with any degree of fluency so we really are at a very basic level. I would like to do some kind of play-let with them for Christmas (I'm in Italy, there are no issues with multi-culturalism here!) but am at a loss how to make it a) simple enough that they can remember what to do/ say and b) not have endless tears because the each one wants the other one's part!! It's a tough one, I know! Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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