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Default NEW resource book for ESL/EFL teachers

Provoking Thought is a collection of ready-to-use, student-centered activities designed for the ESL/EFL classroom. This book emphasizes using students' thought processes as a resource for language learning. Each chapter covers a different theme: thinking, memory, creativity, critical thinking and expressing thought in writing. Provoking Thought includes an abundant variety of activities incorporating elements of pair work, group work, discussion, role play, brainstorming, kinesthetic learning, and project work. It's ideal for teachers who want to add some variety to their lessons.

Praise for Provoking Thought:

“An original, practical and very useful collection of activities. If you think that it's a good idea that your students think more for themselves then I think this book is for you.”

- Lindsay Clandfield, author of Dealing with Difficulties (Delta) and The Language Teacher's Survival Handbook (iT's)

"This highly engaging and thought-provocative book offers outstanding strategies that involve both teachers and students in examination of assumptions, the pros and cons of issues, best use of memory, and reflection of thought processes. Houston's contribution makes "critical thinking" both positive and motivating. A terrific addition to classroom life and language learning! This book will make us better teachers, and make learning more meaningful."

- Dr. Natalie Hess, Professor of BME/ESL, Northern Arizona University - Yuma and author of Teaching Large Multilevel Classes (Cambridge) and Zero Prep (Alta)

"This is a truly thought provoking book. It takes you through various aspects of thinking including memory, creativity and problem solving. Very informative and a must for every humanistic teacher."

- Hania Kryszewska, editor of Humanising Language Teaching, author of Learner-Based Teaching (Oxford) and The Company Words Keep (Delta)

For a preview of the book, see this article in the October issue of Humanising Language Teaching:

Humanising Language Teaching Magazine for teachers and teacher trainers
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