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Default Adverb or adjective????

Hi everyone

I'm working on adverbs at the moment, especially where they go in a sentence. In the exercise I'm doing you have to pick out the adverbs or adverbial phrases. In this sentence: I was extremely tired last night I thought that extremely and last night are examples of adverbs. But when I checked my answers to the key, last night is not mentioned as an adverb.

But, in a later exercise I had this: She danced at the ballet (beautifully, last night) I have to put the adverbs in the correct place in the sentence.
So is last night an adverb or not???? Or is this just a printing error in the book???? I've found mistakes in some of my books before so maybe this is another.
I've looked in my dictionary and I found last night, last week etc under adjectives!!!

Can anyone please help??
Thanks a lot
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