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Default Re: games for one-to-one student

Who Is It? Family Game: Toys & Games

I don't know where you are from but in France there is a quite popular board game called " who is it?"( there is a travel version too)
I have bought one from a garage sales and it cost me 3. I bought it for my step-daughter ( now 12 years old)

Player 1 ( P1) and Player 2 ( P2) each have a board with about 30 pictures of very different characters.
P1 and P2 secretly pick a character; then here is how the game goes:
P1 : " Are you a man?"
P2: "No"
P1 gets rid of all the pictures of men. It's a game of deduction.
Then P2 asks a question too : For example o you have blue eyes? Do you wear a hat? glasses? Is your hair curly? Do you have a beard? and so on.
The game goes on until P1 or P2 guesses right

What I like about that game:
- it takes only 15 min
- it helps to review and learn some vocabulary to describe people
- you can decide to ask " is she/he , does she/he, Has she/he " instead of using " you",
- It's great to review questions tags " You have got green eyes, haven't you?" if the kid already know them and how to answer " yes I have, no I haven't" ,etc => it helps them to pay attention and listen to clues
And kids like it!!!
If your student gets more advanced you can try to play Cluedo ( in an easier way: maybe you can make up your own cards with the kids. I know a teacher who didn't like to play this game because it's about a murder ( who murdered the guy? in which room? with which tool? gun, knive, etc. So she made up another story and games rules that i liked: The parents get out and when they come back they realize that the kids didn't stay in their bedroom as they were being told=> they have to discover who broke something in the kitchen, who watched TV, who made a mess in th ebathroom, etc
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