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Default Re: Classroom management (discipline)


I am a new ESL teacher, and new to the board. This topic has proved especially helpful as i am coming to grips with good classroom management. I just have one problem, a private student, age 5, who is completely uncontrollable. The first lesson i had he was shy, and would barely participate, but not a problem. Now he just runs around. I've tried a points system, "no sticker", and stopping and waiting crossed arms, and using the "activity every 5 minutes" in case it was boredom, as of yet no yelling, but he still runs around, jumps on tables, wiggles his bum at me. I'm not sure what i can do. Being a private student i think makes it even worse, because i can't do the 'exclusion from activity' idea that many recommend.
Any help would be very well received. I am new to this, so i understand i have a lot to learn, and this child will be good for me in the long run if i can just get him to learn and behave.
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