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Default Re: all vs everything


Thank you as always.

I know it sounds strange, but how about using it in these sentences:

I could not believe my ears when I heard a ringing phone instead of a busy signal.

Well, I was playing the third "Presto" movement of the Italian Concerto a few days ago and guess what...I heard a ringing phone (big surprise). And it kept on ringing after I had finished playing the movement. It WAS a phone ringing! It ended being my mom. Nice touch of reality, eh?

Sitting at work, planning out how many paycheques it would cost me to replace this important piece of equipment, I heard a ringing phone. As I picked up the phone, expecting to hear the voice of some future gym member asking questions about our prices, I was surprised when found myself talking to an unexpected angel.

But one would never just say: I heard a ringing phone, right? That's what you're trying to explain? It would be better to say: I heard the phone ring/ing.
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