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Default Re: HELP... Kindergarten games

I've had groups of small kids (not that big though! poor you!) and 'Simon Says' has worked really well for me for simple beginnings.. 'jump' and for those that are true beginners, I mime the action for them while saying the word. Also, blocks and shapes they color in, but must ask for 'blue' 'red' ... one word answer was the target. whatever implement have you use. worked very well..flashcards? mimicking animal noises with the cards: 'Cow' "moooo' work well too. These worked for me with a group of very scared, very shy 4 year old kids. Do you have a puppet? Sometimes puppets work, sometimes not..they can be scary. Do you have an assistant that speaks English? Good luck to you! Sounds like you're really up against it.
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