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Default Re: When the Teacher Becomes the Student

I started teaching a new group of adults (business English)about 3 months ago. They were absolutely convinced that their English was not good enough to 'survive' in the business world. At first I babied them with lots of simple concepts - mostly functional language. Then I planned a lesson I knew would be a challenge for them - giving and following directions on grids, in towns (maps), in office buidings ... To make a long story short, some of them wanted to change to another class - a level lower. Well I did what you suggested - get feedback. Just the fact that I asked for their suggestion, comments and constructive criticism motivated everybody. You mentioned the fact that 'knowing your customer' is important. I think 'showing your customer you value their opinion' is paramount to the learning atmosphere and promotes learning. Any comments? And thanks so much for sharing your know-how!

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