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Default Many grammar questions

I have had many grammar questions and am now finding it difficult to locate answers using texts and the internet. I'm hoping I can come here and ask on a regular basis.

Question 1.
Is it possible to use two gerund forms after the verb enjoy?
Exp. Did you enjoy practicing speaking English?
This seems very odd to me. Enjoy necessitates a gerund form so both those verbals are ok if used alone but both together... I don't know. Is practicing even a gerund there ,or just an ing verbal (adjective)?

Question 2
Is it possible to use 'either' at the end of a sentence where 2 clauses are negative but those negatives are about completely different topics.
Exp. Sue doesn't like fish and Ben doesn't like salad, either.
Again, this seems odd. Shouldn't either be used for 2 similar negative clauses?

Sorry one more.

Question 3.

What is the grammatical/lingustic word for an answer to a WH question that ends in the to be verb?
Q. What was the instrument used in the play.
A.A guitar was.
Is this even correct? I would noramally say a guitar or it was a guitar.
I know we say-What's making that noise? The alarm is.
But I'm trying to find rules/termanology for this.

Thanks for any help here.
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