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Default Lesson Plan: A Day At The Beach

Lesson 2: Hot!
Vocab Taught: sun, sun-screen, umbrella, water, hot, sky, cloud
Phonics taught: h-o-t
Preparation: Flashcards, “Ice-cream song” if desired, lots of little flashcards of today’s vocabulary for the scavenger hunt.
Age/level: beginner about 5/6/7 years.
Time: About an hour, depending on class size.
Activity: Scavenger hunt (FCs): Find items around the classroom/playground.
Possible sentence structures for this lesson:
1. What is it? It’s an umbrella.

Warmer: Ice-cream song. 5 minutes.

Review: Draw a picture of a beach on the board. Remember to elicit the language from the students as you do this. 5 minutes

Introduce and drill the new vocabulary. Use a big picture of a beach and introduce and drill the new vocabulary. Get the students to add the new vocabulary to the beach that you drew for the review stage of the lesson. 10 minutes.

Follow up: Seat swapper – give the students and item of vocabulary. Charade an item of vocabulary, the students who have that vocabulary item must now switch seats. You could also remove one of the chairs so that there will always be one student without a chair. The student without a chair is the teacher. After he mimes the vocabulary, they can race to get a chair, leaving the next student without a chair to be the teacher. 5-7 minutes.

Today’s activity: Scavenger hunt – give the students a list of items (pictures) that they must find. You should do this in a playground, if possible. Explain to the students that the first student to find all of the items on their list is the winner! 15 minutes.

Phonics: h-o-t
Drill phonic values. 5 minutes.
Whisper erase phonic values. 5-7 minutes.

Fun activity: duck, duck, goose – change the words “duck” and “Goose” to something different, like sun and sky. 5-7 minutes.

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