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Default Re: 10 minute games for teenage learners

One game worked well for my 12-14 year olds who were learning past tense (I probably stole the idea from here or somewhere else anyway but I'll post it again!).

-Split the class into two teams (A&B), and split the blackboard for both teams accordingly
-Give each student in the team A a number (1-30), and team B the same (1-30), so each student has a competitor (this might take up to 3 minutes)
- Call out a present tense verb and a number- when that students' number is called, both must race to the front to write down the past tense verb
-Be prepared for a lot of action!

I found that even the least active students would bomb down to the front to the blackboard and jump over desks to get there first- pity their answers didn't always match their enthusiasm!
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