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Default First lesson & level testing for adults!

I have experience teaching private lessons to children and teenagers and love teaching this younger age group, but in order to find more students I'm starting to branch out to teaching adults too. I would really appreciate your advice!

Basically, I am used to teaching in a very didactic way with lots of games, videos and talking. I've had a few enquiries now from adults who are learning English for work purposes and I'm not sure how to go about preparing lessons for them.
  • How do you assess older students in the initial lesson? Do you come prepared with a range of worksheets and conversation questions? Also would you usually charge for this first lesson?
  • And as for the lessons, once you have assessed the level would you ask the student to buy a textbook? If so, would you carry out individual lessons in the same way as a small group lesson - going through various exercises, reading texts in the book, etc?
  • What about using technology in adult lessons? I sometimes do games and videos on the laptop with children... in your experience how do older adults respond to these kind of interactive activities?

I would really value any suggestions you have. I am experienced and qualified, but teaching adults is just outside my comfort zone at the moment!!!

Thank you!
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