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Default Re: What's a good game for 1st year kids using "I like___."

A game I play with my Japanese students is a pretty basic Rock-Paper-Scissors game. They all get one or two cards (fruit, animals, colors, etc.) and challenge anyone they want to. The winner says "I like apples," and if the loser has that card, they give it to the winner. I use it a lot when I'm teaching large classes yes or no questions.

If you have a smaller class, you can play a time bomb game. Arrange students in a circle. Set a timer to go off in 5-60 seconds. They pass a picture card around the circle and take turns saying "I like..." When the alarm sounds, the student holding the cards get to explode. If you have an egg timer that ticks or a CD with a sound effect, it works even better. You can use more than one card if it's too easy for them.

You can always play bingo, do a relay race, or do Chinese whispers/Telephone.
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