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There are many reasons for the discipline problems. The society has lots of Sheiks. Certain families that are friendly with the Shieks have lots of advantages. In other words the Shiek will help them out of any difficult situations. These can range from anything to legal problems to getting into a good University to getting a student who has been expelled back into the classroom.

Most of the teachers who work in the schools are not Emirities but other Arabs from Gulf countries. They usually know which families are well connected. Therefore they may choose to turn a blind eye to that boys Tomfoolery. Also while corporal punishment is officially banned in the country it is widely acceptable by cultural standards. I find this situation similar to the Korean situation.

Cheating on exams is rife in almost all Gulf countries. If you happen to be supervising an exam you have to keep a sharp eye out for cheaters. If you have caught someone cheating and plan to give them a goose egg be prepared for all kinds of retaliation. Bribing teachers is also common.

Knowing this situation there are things you can do to fit into the culture.
Understanding the language in one in fact you may already know some Arabic words Alcohol Assasin Alchemy

Growing a beard helps you to blend in better.
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