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Default Re: Does anyone know some good activities for large classes?

I had four first year middle school classes today. The JTE told me to create a game plan geared to review "be" verbs. For the first round I tried out the soccer game listed at That game worked pretty well, I printed the game board and created two sets of cards; one set had pronouns, the 2nd set had adjectives and some were article plus noun. The students had to link the two cards together using is, am, or are. The kids had a great time with it, especially when I threw question mark cards in so kids had the opportunity to read "??" : "ugly" as "Scott is ugly".

After that lost its steam, I tried the 'no look' activity. In the first three classes students raised their hands to give the clues to the students at the front. It was pretty organized, and at first I thought this way was great because the kids' English levels weren't that great. It was nice clean fun, but maybe too easy and simple.

For the last class I told the JTE to allow all the students who are sitting to shout hints to their teammate standing at the front. This proved to be quite fun for the kids as we played the "last" round about 5 times. I was also able to tie this game into the soccer game because nobody scored a goal in the soccer game. So, the no look game became the Penalty Kick portion.

Fun was had, thanks for the tips!

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