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Default Re: Online TEFL Courses???

I've never taken any TEFL course though I was considering it recently cos my work started saying certification was necessary - though they've changed their mind again luckily. The only one I was willing to consider was the CELTA because it is the most recognised TESL qualification worldwide. You can't take the CELTA on-line. BUT it still isn't enough to qualify me to work in a lot of places in Ontario. Only a TESLOntario certified course will allow me to teach here in the public system (I'm currently at a private training centre) and those courses are long and expensive!! Bloody annoying as I have 8 years of experience, including managerial work in ESL. It's a shame that there isn't an international standard where you can have your qualifications and experienced assessed and accepted. ontario is a terrible place for non-Canadians having their education/experienced accepted. That's why there are so many foreign trained doctors working as taxi drivers!!!............Sorry, went a bit off topic there!
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