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Default Does anyone know good games for outside or in the gym?

Hello, everyone.

I have another lesson tomorrow that I would like some ideas for. I have a normal class of 6-8 first graders that I teach on Saturdays. We usually have class in a community center, but we couldn't book a room for whatever reason and are going ot have the class outside tomorrow. Do you know any good games for outdoor activiites?

Tomorrow I was thinking about giving the "What time is it Mr. Wolf?" from a try. I haven't taught them time, but I thought it could be a fun since we'll be outside.

Also if it's possible (not too windy), I am going to put out some flashcards, either review or face clocks, and put the kids into two teams and have them run to get the flashcards.

I was also thinking that if I could think of some other games it might be fun to take some of the Junior High classes I teach into the gym or outside to play some games.
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